Waxing Poetic

Celebrating collective beauty, truths and journeys with meaningful, handcrafted jewelry.
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Waxing Poetic product mockup

The Brief

The Challenge

Waxing Poetic is more than just a brand; it's an expression of humanity and life. When their reach and expression were limited on Magento, they decided to pivot to Shopify Plus and enlist the help of Praella to help them grow their direct-to-consumer business. This was a daunting task, as they had to complete the transition within a tight timeline due to the sunsetting of Magento 1.9. However, with the help of Praella, Waxing Poetic was able to make the switch and continue to expand their reach.


This included migration of over 2000 products, hundreds of pages and content pieces, over 500,000 customer data points, and over 1.5 million order data points.


Praella guided Waxing Poetic in retaining existing SEO and building on top of what currently existed by implementing the best on-site technical practices.

Shopify Plus Netsuite Integration

Waxing Poetic required integrating Netsuite and Shopify Plus.

The Solution

Praella collaborated with the Waxing Poetic in migrating the entire Magento website into an improved experience on Shopify. This was especially applicable for mobile experiences. The work did not stop there. Becoming an extension of the Waxing Poetic team, Praella and Waxing Poetic continue to work on week-to-week and month-to-month initiatives to cover continuous improvements across different ecommerce and business KPIs.


Praella collectively migrated over 2,000,000 data points, 2000 products, and hundreds of pages.


Waxing Poetic's SEO improved post-migration to Shopify from Magento, resulting in 189% increase in organic sessions.

Shopify Plus Netsuite Integration

Praella supported Waxing Poetic and Bizperanto in setting up the integration between Netsuite and Shopify Plus. At a later time, Praella also supported the set-up and integration of NuOrder and Cin7.


Web Design

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Waxing Poetic desktop mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Waxing Poetic mobile mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Waxing Poetic website mockup
How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

One of the challenges was to improve the mobile-based experience. Working closely with Praella's user experience team and Waxing Poetics internal resources, the impact was measurable shortly after the launch of the Shopify Plus shop.

Mobile page speed improved leading to the conversion rate increase of 14% and revenue increase by over 52% on mobile sessions.

Data Migration

From Magento to Shopify.

Waxing Poetic was under a tight timeline to migrate from Magento 1.9 to Shopify Plus due to Magento's end of life. With Shopify's recommendation, Waxing Poetic partnered with Praella to accomplish the migration of data and the entire bespoke build on Shopify Plus.

With Shopify Plus' scalability and optimal performance, Praella drastically improved the Waxing Poetic through user-facing initiatives and back-end optimizations. Shopify Plus also allowed Waxing Poetic to enter peak season sales worry-free with Shopify Plus' ability to handle thousands of orders per minute.

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