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The Brief

The Challenge

Concerns with performance

TULA faced concerns with the site's loading speed and overall performance due to the site's inability to handle large amounts of traffic. Some other challenges were the non-intuitive navigation and a high rate of cart abandonment, all of which contributed to their low conversion rates.

Outdated website

With an old, outdated, and dull website, TULA had had difficulties acquiring new customers and needed a new website that matched their brand personality and accurately represented them.

Endless Subscription Possibilities

With the remarkable rise of the subscription-based business, TULA acknowledged the opportunity for growth. Subscription-based services make retaining customers easier and allow brands to develop and test new products with their most loyal customers.

The Solution

Migration to Shopify Plus

Praella’s experts migrated TULA’s website to Shopify Plus without losing hard-earned data and SEO. By switching to Shopify Plus and with Praella’s guidance, all of their stability issues were taken care of. The TULA team could finally rest assured that their site was stable regardless of traffic. Nearly a year after TULA was migrated to Shopify Plus, TULA's overall site sessions increased by 161%.


With Praella deck experts, TULA could relax and hand over their site redesign project. The new design helped develop a more effective checkout process.

Subscriptions Done Right

One of the most extensive recommendations and improvements that Praella pushed for was enabling subscriptions for their products. Together with ReCharge, Praella enabled Subscription Commerce, allowing TULA to scale its growth and do it fast. Over the course of one year, TULA's subscription revenue accounted for 20% of their total revenue.

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How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

TULA’s mobile design was optimized with best ecommerce practices in mind. We focus on keeping all product and purchasing behavior at their customers' fingerprints.

Data Migration

From Magento to Shopify.

“Without data you are just another person with an opinion." - W. Edwards Deming

In today's world, every business decision is made after a thorough analysis. With the migration to Shopify, TULA gained access to reliable data which was unavailable while their ecommerce platform of choice was Magento.

The best customer is a loyal one

Through ReCharge, TULA’s customers can now regularly get their favorite products with less friction and less hassle. Nearly 20% of TULA’s e-commerce revenue arrives through auto-renewed transactions.

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I think the biggest difference is that my team and I can go home for the evening now, or go away for the weekend, and not feel that we have to babysit our website. We don’t feel like we have to be on-call because something could break at any moment during a promotion or some other important time for the brand.

- Donnie Soddu, TULA’S VP of ecommerce and digital
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