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The Brief

The Challenge

Migration from Yahoo to Shopify

During their time with Yahoo as their ecommerce platform of choice, Pillows.com ran into multiple challenges. The complexity and outdated functionalities of the Yahoo platform hindered their ability to make swift content changes throughout the store. The lack of platform flexibility necessitated that Pillows.com build various microsites and landing pages using other platforms and tools, resulting in an inconsistent experience for the visitor. After evaluating the options available, Pillows.com concluded that the Shopify platform and Praella's expertise would provide the optimal foundation for their business growth.

Website Redesign

For an ecommerce business, it is crucial that the website represents everything the brand is trying to achieve. Pillows.com featured an outdated design that resulted in a low conversion rate, preventing them from reaching their full potential. The website seemed somewhat unexciting, and it did not stand out from every other ecommerce brand out there. More importantly, it did not fulfill its mission of motivating website visitors to become customers. Pillows.com needed a website that painted a picture of the quality of their products while also increasing conversion and sales.

Pillow Finder

For most ecommerce customers, determining the perfect product for their needs can be the most difficult part of the buying process. When it comes to pillows, the customer's sleeping position and desired pillow firmness can make all the difference in finding the right fit. Praella was tasked with creating a system to recommend the ideal pillow for each customer to improve user satisfaction and conversion rates. This solution needed to take the form of a quiz, wherein the potential customer would answer a series of questions that would lead to the perfect recommendation.

The Solution

Migration from Yahoo to Shopify

Praella's migration experts flawlessly transferred Pillows.com from the Yahoo platform to Shopify, ensuring that no hard-earned data was lost in the process. In total, more than 900 products and 500 collections were migrated, along with 25,000 clients and 122,000 orders. The Shopify platform enabled Pillows.com to grow and adapt at an impressive rate, allowing them to quickly make changes to their website and launch targeted campaigns whenever they saw a market opportunity. As a result of the migration, Pillows.com gained a more stable and customizable platform and unlimited potential to scale their business as part of the ever-expanding Shopify family.

Website Redesign

Pillows.com needed a complete overhaul of its website in order to keep up with the brand's ambitions. To gain a deeper understanding of the website and the obstacles preventing them from reaching their full potential, Praella began by thoroughly examining their prior design using Hotjar and various other tools. This analysis provided data about visitor behavior and which site areas they paid the most attention to. Using this data, Praella adopted a more modern and streamlined website design while preserving the brand's identity, resulting in a 33% increase in unique purchases. Additionally, Praella prominently displayed customer reviews on the website's homepage, as studies have shown that reviews are the most effective type of user-generated content that can significantly boost sales. Praella simplified the website's navigation to improve the page UX further so visitors could easily find what they were looking for.

Pillow Finder

To ensure customer satisfaction as part of the website redesign, Praella has developed a dedicated Pillow Finder page. The main purpose of this page is to suggest the perfect pillow based on the customer's needs. Customers receive personalized product recommendations from the website by answering questions about their sleeping habits and other personal preferences.

This quiz can significantly improve customer satisfaction by acting as a filter, reducing the time spent searching for the ideal product. After the launch of the newly designed website, Praella saw an impressive 27% increase in their Ecommerce Conversion Rate. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Pillow Finder page in helping customers find the perfect product for their needs.


Web Design

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The Pillow Finder and Reviews Join Forces

The Pillow Finder can considerably improve customer satisfaction since it directs customers toward the right pillow for them. As a result, satisfied customers leave positive reviews prominently featured on the homepage, thus further boosting sales.

The Pillow Finder and Reviews Join Forces
Data Migration

From Yahoo to Shopify.

The brand's vision was no longer supported by the outdated and rigid Yahoo platform, so they opted to move to Shopify. Through the migration process, Praella transferred over 122k orders, 25k clients, 900 products, and 500 collections to the Shopify platform.

A new and exciting design

After a thorough analysis of the existing website, Praella delivered a completely new and exciting design.

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With an impressive increase in average order value, Praellas' work has been deemed a resounding success. They delivered custom features without exceeding budgets and timelines, helping customers find tailored products that perfectly suited their needs. Furthermore, their communication struck a perfect balance of frequency, which the client deeply appreciated.

- CEO, Pillows.com
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