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The Brief

The Challenge

Site Redesign And Development

The Izzy & Liv team sought to make their website more user-friendly in order to boost conversion rates and maximize their return on investment. The primary issues they faced were page responsiveness and loading speed. Furthermore, the existing web design was bulky and overwhelming due to an unoptimized product display. To top it off, the brand had outgrown its current website design, necessitating the creation of a more efficient page flow and content layout.

Custom Landing Pages for New Launches

The Izzy & Liv team is highly insightful, and they have come up with some great and exciting ideas for new product launches. However, they are also aware of the significant impact that well-crafted landing pages can have on conversion rates and cost per acquisition.

Integrating “Attentive” into Shopify

Izzy and Liv's SMS provider, Attentive, had just enabled Shopify checkout integration, which they had planned to implement. However, they encountered difficulties integrating the necessary coding to make this functionality work. Despite the challenge, they were determined to make the integration a success.

The Solution

Site Redesign and Redevelopment

After investing a considerable amount of time in researching and analyzing Izzy & Liv's old website, the team at Praella was able to create a more user-friendly experience for website visitors. Thanks to the design modifications, the number of site sessions skyrocketed by 161%. Moreover, Izzy & Liv experienced a 120% improvement in conversion rate. The upgrades included giving Izzy & Liv a more modern look by integrating a Shopify 2.0 theme. Additionally, the site's announcement section was enhanced by creating an easy-to-view product carousel and rearranging the shopping cart's element placements.

Custom Landing Pages for New Launches

Since landing pages drive customers to specific products and encourage them to purchase, Izzy & Liv's great new product ideas necessitated the same high-quality landing pages. Specialized landing pages were crafted to support their new ideas, such as the Brown Sugar Box and Izzy & Liv TV. These improvements resulted in a remarkable 91% increase in total transactions.

Integrating “Attentive” into Shopify

With the new custom coding that has enabled the team to integrate the Attentive SMS provider into their store seamlessly, Izzy & Liv can expand their reach and bolster their brand substantially. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, they can reach a wider audience and capitalize on the potential for increased growth.


Web Design

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Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Izzy&Liv website mockup
How We Helped

Growth is the best "problem" you can have.

As Izzy & Liv grew, the bulky and overwhelming site design would not suffice anymore. Izzy and Liv collaborated with Praella to deliver a modern-looking, streamlined design that greatly improved the customer experience.

Great products deserve great landing pages.

Driving traffic from social media can be extremely important for an instagrammable brand such as Izzy & Liv. That’s why Izzy & Liv collaborated with Praella to create landing pages for their Brown Sugar Box and Izzy & Liv TV.

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