The First. The Finest. The Dermatologist’s Favorite.
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The Brief

The Challenge

Transforming Digital Experience

Omnilux, a leader in medical-grade LED light therapy, has been a pioneer in the skincare industry since 2003. Renowned for their dermatologist-approved, professional-grade at-home devices, Omnilux is committed to delivering transformative skincare solutions. Their mantra, “The First. The Finest. The Dermatologist’s Favorite,” mirrors their dedication to innovation and excellence in the LED space.


Despite being at the forefront of skincare technology, Omnilux encountered several digital hurdles that required the expertise of a seasoned Shopify Plus agency. The primary challenge was their site's lack of mobile optimization, which appeared cluttered and failed to adapt to different screen sizes, diminishing the user experience. Additionally, the Omnilux team faced difficulties executing simple site updates, such as modifying text or swapping images, indicating a need for a more intuitive content management system.

A significant concern was the website’s navigation and information architecture. The existing structure was disorganized and failed to guide customers smoothly through their journey, particularly during critical periods like product launches and holiday seasons. This inefficiency was reflected in the high bounce rate on product pages, where potential customers were losing interest and leaving the site prematurely.

For their wholesale operations, Omnilux needed to assess whether to adapt to Shopify’s latest Wholesale Channel features or to develop an independent clone store. This decision encompassed various factors, including pricing strategies, customer access, payment methods, shipping logistics, tax considerations, and creating a user-friendly process for wholesale orders.

Lastly, the website’s overall layout required a revamp to align with Omnilux’s recent rebranding. This included integrating modern design elements such as video support, interactive 3D images and enhancing the shopping cart experience, which is critical in today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Addressing these challenges was crucial not just for improving Omnilux’s online presence but also for setting a benchmark in the skincare ecommerce sector, showcasing the capabilities of Shopify Plus experts in transforming digital experiences.

The Solution

Comprehensive Redesign

Our team of Shopify and Shopify Plus experts embarked on a comprehensive project to revitalize Omnilux’s online presence. The team focused on a holistic website redesign, which included enhancing the overall user experience on key pages like the Home, Product, and Collection pages and the My Account Dashboard. This initiative was pivotal in making the site more intuitive and engaging.

For the wholesale dimension of Omnilux’s business, we undertook the development of a specialized B2B clone store. This store was designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of wholesale customers, featuring a tailored experience that addressed their specific requirements.

A crucial aspect of this transformation was the integration of various third-party applications. By incorporating tools such as BOLD Apps, Gorgias, and Klaviyo into the Shopify Plus framework, our team was able to bring a new level of sophistication and functionality to the site. This integration played a significant role in streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement.

In addition, our Shopify experts employed a data-driven approach, utilizing techniques like heat mapping and data harvesting. This approach informed crucial design decisions, optimizing every site element for maximum effectiveness and user engagement.

Through rigorous testing, the team ensured that every aspect of the site functioned flawlessly, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable user experience.

Specifically, the mobile experience was significantly enhanced. The team developed a responsive design that adapted perfectly to all screen sizes, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across various devices. Navigation was also simplified and reorganized, making it easier for users to find and discover products.

The internal content management system was improved, empowering the Omnilux team to update content and images easily. This enhancement made site management more efficient and ensured the website could be updated with minimal effort.

The team developed a dedicated B2B experience in terms of wholesale strategy, complete with customized features such as tiered pricing and local currency display. This bespoke approach was crucial in meeting the specific needs of wholesale customers.

The website's layout was redesigned to align with Omnilux’s recent rebranding, incorporating interactive and engaging elements. This redesign brought the site a fresh and modern look, enhancing its appeal and aligning it with the latest design trends.

Finally, the shopping features were enhanced. This included the integration of an advanced cart functionality and incorporating multimedia support like videos, GIFs, and interactive elements, all of which contributed to a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

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How We Helped

Partners for life

The redesign and optimization of Omnilux’s website have significantly enhanced the user experience, reflecting increased engagement, reduced bounce rates, and a streamlined path to purchase. The bespoke wholesale website caters effectively to B2B clients, boosting wholesale orders and customer satisfaction. Omnilux's digital transformation aligns with its innovative brand image, offering a flawless, engaging online presence that matches its stature as a skin care industry leader.

The success of this project has been so profound that Omnilux decided to enter into a retainer contract with our agency. This ongoing partnership underscores their confidence in our expertise and capabilities as a Shopify Plus agency. It is a testament to our ability to deliver results that meet and exceed our client's expectations.

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