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The Brief

The Challenge

Site Redesign

Praella started working with Beachly when Beachly decided to freshen up the website user experience. Beachly’s objective was to take its online store and brand to the next level as part of freshening up. The Beachly team wanted Praella to update its website experience and appearance to be more direct and attention-grabbing but simultaneously create a clean, fun, and easy-going vibe.

One of the challenges identified was the potentially confusing and cumbersome experience new and existing users would navigate through in order to subscribe to a box. Another identified opportunity is users’ frustration with the subpar page load times and poor mobile experience.

Working with Praella’s design team, the Beachly team was able to voice and share their vision and inspirations. Taking into account Beachly’s feedback, direction, best practices, and any data that could be accessed, the user experience team at Praella focused on creating an easy-to-navigate, appealing, branded design that would further engage the current customer base. The Praella UX team also worked on boosting conversion rates, increasing overall sales, and contributing to improving subscriber lifetime value.

Designing Customer Recharge Dashboard

Beachly always strives to enable its customers to feel at home in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Creating and designing the Customer ReCharge Dashboard was the next step.

In order to provide the best for their customers, the Beachly team required a bespoke solution that would enable their users to add their preferred products with the next subscription box. This effort allowed Praella to help Beachly leverage and maximize the power of ReCharge.

This way, Beachly’s subscribers won’t miss out on excellent product offers that go along with the subscription model of their choice. The custom-made solution was integrated with the Recharge Dashboard within Shopify Plus My Account section.

The Solution

Site Redesign

Praella’s UX/UI team worked to bring the Beachly website to a new, modern look. Previously, the website featured a simplified look and offered little direction or flow for prospective customers and current subscribers. The Homepage was configured to allow visitors to navigate the new product collections easily while maintaining a clean appearance. With the new design, Beachly aimed to improve the experience for their loyal customers.

Following consumer behavior principles, Praella improved visitor experience by implementing new design elements and placing them in the most suitable areas of the page, resulting in a more appealing website design overall. One of the newly added features allows subscribers to modify their customer profile photo and choose between male and female product options.

Apart from redesigning and implementing new features, praella has also invested a lot of effort in optimizing the website to improve loading speed. After the redesign, Beachly recorded a 19.2% improvement in conversion rate and a 17.62% growth in total transactions.


Web Design

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Beachly desktop mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Beachly mobile mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Beachly website mockup
How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

Because mobile devices account for the vast majority of internet browsing, having a mobile-friendly website is more vital than ever.

That’s why Beachly and praella collaborated to create the best possible mobile experience for their subscribers.

With the new optimized design, Beachly experienced an increase in revenue generated via mobile devices of nearly 20% and a rise in transaction rate of 17%.

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The Praella team brings an immense amount of Shopify and ReCharge experience to the table. They have a diverse skill set across their team which allows us to innovate and evolve quickly. They’ve been a reliable and valued partner of Beachly Brands.

- Kevin, Beachly Founder
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